1 On 1 Mentoring holds event on importance of proper communication

On Monday, 1 On 1 Mentoring held an event focused on proper communication in the Bainbridge Middle School coliseum lobby.

Guest speakers were Chamber President Adrienne Harrison and Decatur County Schools Superintendent Tim Cochran.  They spoke with children about communication techniques and responsibilities.

1 On 1 Mentoring board member Barbara Lowe explained that with the heavy use of cell phones and electronic devices, children are having trouble making eye contact during interactions.  “We are finding that a lot of kids do not have basic communication skills.”

Adrienne Harrison spoke with the children on how to properly introduce themselves by giving a firm handshake and looking the person in the eyes.

Next, Harrison had the children split into teams and perform an activity similar to charades.  Stressing the importance of body language, a child was given an emotion to mimic while others tried to guess what emotion the child was showing.

Harrison then started a listening activity with the children.  She gave directions and the kids were tasked with drawing a picture based on the instructions she gave.  She taught that communication is not only sending information but receieving it.

Cell phone etiquette was touched on next, with the golden rule applying of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Harrison stressed that, “face-to-face conversations are more important than your phone.” She said that it is fine to ask the person you are on the phone with to hold when you interact with someone in person.

Harrison went on to say that if something is private then it should not be texted because once a text is sent it can be available to anyone.  She also stated that you should not feel pressured to keep adding to a text conversation and that it is okay to not text back.

Superintendent Tim Cochran spoke with the boys about what it truly means to be a man.  He said that taking care of your responsibilities is much more important than “being cool.”

Cochran told the boys that to become successful, you must pay careful attention to how you dress and how you act.

Cochran mentioned that everyone has a story, but you are responsible for what you become. “You are the reason you will be a success and you are the reason you will be a failure.”

The boys were each given bags with various items that will help with presenting themselves well.  A necktie was one of the items, and Cochran instructed the boys on the proper way to tie a tie.

It is the mission of 1 On 1 Mentoring to empower the youth of Decatur County to make positive life choices. We recognize the value of youth mentoring programs. Our 1 On 1 Mentors encourage students to stay motivated and focused on their education by assisting them to face daily challenges in order to maximize their personal potential.

The 1 On 1 Mentoring program works with Decatur County Middle Schools, with assistance from the local Sheriff’s Office, to match students in critical 5th – 8th adolescent grades with positive adult volunteers from our community.





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