Look Who Has a New Bike!

On the afternoon of Monday, February 22nd, Bainbridge Public Safety officers were thrilled to have a very special visitor at Public Safety Headquarters…Nolan Donalson.

Nolan, who is five-years-old, survived a horrific accident last week after being hit while riding his bicycle. Today he was presented with a brand new, super-cool bicycle and helmet as a gift from everyone at Bainbridge Public Safety!

BPS Officer LaDaric Jones presented the bike to Nolan and his grandmother, Kutiner Byrd, as Administrative Assistant Courtney Chavers and Officer Michael Faircloth offered get-well-soon wishes.

Ms. Byrd expressed her gratitude and thankfulness to everyone in the community for their love, prayers, and support of Nolan and their family during this difficult time and said that Nolan is doing great!

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