SRTC Practical Nursing Students Honored

On Monday, November 30, Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) held a drive-through pinning ceremony honoring the most recent class of Practical Nursing (PN) students from SRTC – Bainbridge. The ceremony commemorates the students’ successful completion of their nursing coursework and clinical rotations.
The students that received pins were: Ashley N. Addison of Cairo, Morgan Avery of Bainbridge, Carley E. Cranford of Bainbridge, Camry L. Fillingame of Bainbridge, Justice S. Hawkins of Bainbridge, Jatasha A. Hines of Cairo, Jessica Murrell of Blakely, Joane Noel of Tallahassee, Kendralissa Y. Smith of Cairo, Erica L. Swatts of Bainbridge, Shaquana Q. Thomas of Blakely, Alicia Thompson of Bainbridge, and Jonecia R. Traylor of Albany.
Instructor Melissa Hawkins said, “I am so proud of this group of students for their perseverance in the face of uncertainty and times of unprecedented challenges. I am honored to call them my colleagues in the field of nursing. They will go on to leave their marks on the lives of countless people under their care and I consider myself lucky to have been part of their journey.”
The Clinical Excellence Award recipient is someone who has outstanding performance in the clinical setting, mentors to peers, is a patient educator/advocate, has a caring nature, and is a team player. Jessica Murrell was voted by her peers for the Clinical Excellence Award. They noted that she was always on time, prepared, and very helpful to her peers during clinical rotations.
The Leadership Award is awarded to the student that displays outstanding leadership qualities, is a team player, professional, competent, and well respected by their peers. Morgan Avery was voted by the instructors for the Leadership Award. She was very conscientious – always a step ahead of us with information for students in helping them with anything in the program. She has a very pleasant attitude, always smiling, always willing to lend a hand wherever needed.
“It is with great joy that even during a pandemic, I was able to train students to become what they set their dreams on becoming,” said instructor Vickie Parker. “These students were a blessing to me just because they continued to persevere and do what was needed to complete the program. They have made me proud and I want to remind them to be the reason someone smiles today.”
The pinning ceremony is a rite passage into the nursing profession, during which each student received a pin and a small lamp. The pin is used to remind students of their purpose to serve the sick and infirmed. The lamp portion of the ceremony serves as a tribute to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern-day nursing. In the 1800s Nightingale was known as the ‘lady with the lamp’ tending to the sick while carrying a lamp to light the way.
The Practical Nursing program is a five semester diploma program designed to prepare students to write the NCLEX-PN for licensure as practical nurses. The program prepares graduates to give competent nursing care. This is done through a selected number of academic and occupational courses providing a variety of techniques and materials necessary to assist the student in acquiring the needed knowledge and skills to give competent care. A variety of clinical experiences is planned so that theory and practice are integrated under the guidance of the clinical instructor. For more information about SRTC’s Practical Nursing Program call 888-205-3449.

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