Starting a 400 Mile Run to Give Clean Water

Press Release submitted by MissionCleanWater

Harold Allen, local Bainbridge, Georgia resident has been on a journey of self-development and self-improvement After getting mixed up in the wrong crowd as a youth and dealing with alcohol abuse issues, Harold has used his love for running as a way to make a new means. Starting in the end of October, Harold will begin a journey of completing four separate 100 mile runs for four weeks in a row to help his community with water insecurity issues.

Harold is not your average runner. After completing a local 5k, he was quickly hooked and discovered running as a new purpose for himself and for him to be involved in his community. He started to sign up for even more difficult races and within a year found himself signing up for 100-mile races. In 2018, as a personal challenge to inspire youth, he completed running 31 marathons every day for 31 days. And in 2020, he is going to start a new challenge.

Harold is partnering with MissionCleanWater to create a new running challenge that will benefit the communities he has grown up in and loved. Starting Oct 21, Harold will run four 100 mile runs every week for four weeks. Each run will be at Carson Hatcher Park and expect to take him 24 hours to complete. He will complete regular loops around the park keeping track of his distance. Anyone is welcome to join him during this journey to support him.

Why put yourself through such a crazy goal? Harold is doing this to help his communities with an issue often overlooked. He is partnering with MissionCleanWater, a nonprofit working to bring clean water to underserved communities. He wants to fix the water issues his communities in Georgia and the south face every day. From poor water quality to lack of access, he wants to make sure everyone can have clean water when they need it.

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