10 Foot Alligator Found In Yard

A Bainbridge family had the surprise of a lifetime on Wednesday morning when they looked out of their front window and saw a huge alligator sunning himself in their front yard.  The home is located near the ABAC college property and a large swamp-like area, which is where he may have come from.

Homeowner Summer K. Day stated, “We were eating breakfast and actually reading about a dinosaur when it came walking by!”  She called her husband and then E911 to report the uninvited guest, and officers from Bainbridge Public Safety, Code Enforcement, and Animal Control responded.  They then notified the Department of Natural Resources.

Working together with the DNR officers, the men were able to control and secure the 10′-8″ gator before lifting and loading him into the back of the DNR truck to be taken to a safer and more appropriate location.  The entire process took about an hour.

Mrs. Day went on to say, “I will never be the same, and my children are never going outside again, but they thought it was pretty cool that they got to eat their breakfast with a ‘dinosaur!’”

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