Final day to place storm debris on right-of-way is January 27

The last day for the Corps of Engineers contractors to pick up debris is January 18, 2019. City and County debris contractors will
handle debris pickup after this date.

Debris must be ELIGIBLE under FEMA guidelines in order for the cities and county to be reimbursed for debris removal costs.

After JANUARY 27TH, all normal pre-storm rules apply to any storm debris remaining.

 For county residents, you will be responsible for burning, grinding or hauling the remaining debris.

 For city residents, you will be responsible for cutting it into 4 foot sections, putting it by the road and contacting the city for
normal debris pickup.

 Contractors will be responsible for removing any debris from any job they perform and disposing of it properly.

Eligible Debris:

 Any debris that threatens the lives, public health and safety.

 Any debris that threatens significant damage to improved public or private property.

 Debris includes, but is not limited to, vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, sand, mud, silt, gravel, rocks,
boulders, and vehicle and vessel wreckage.

Ineligible Debris:

 Any debris that is NOT storm related for property improvement, land clearing, or landscaping.

 Debris removed from agricultural land. (Contact NRCS for additional resources for agriculture.)

 Natural, unimproved land, such as heavily wooded areas and unused areas. (If you have trees down on acreage around your
home, only trees that are causing a risk to structures is considered eligible debris. Trees down on wooded acreage are NOT

 Debris removed from any federally maintained navigable channels and waterways.

Citizens can burn storm debris but MUST obtain a burn permit before burning.

 For Decatur County, Attapulgus, Brinson and Climax residents, you can obtain a burn permit from Georgia Forestry for small hand piles and limbs from or by calling 1-877-652-2876.

For more information regarding burning, go to:

 For larger piles and trees piled by machinery, contact the Decatur County office of Georgia Forestry at 229-248-2616 .

 For City of Bainbridge residents, contact Bainbridge Public Safety at 229-248-2038 for burn permits.

REMEMBER: If you burn WITHOUT A PERMIT, and the fire gets out of hand and fire response is needed, you will be fined for fire suppression services and may be responsible for damages caused by the fire. GET a PERMIT…IT’S FREE.

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