General election voting information

The Courthouse Annex, located at 122 West Water Street, is the only advance voting location open for advance voting.

Early voting for the November 6th General Election ends on Friday, November 2nd.

Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and there is Saturday early voting on Oct. 27 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Georgia law requires voters to be registered and to vote in the county and precinct in which they are registered in.

Because of Hurricane Michael, some of the polling locations must be relocated. The Coliseum precinct is moving to the Kirbo Center at the College because FEMA needs the Coliseum as it assists survivors of the hurricane; and, Climax is moving to the Climax City Hall because of damage to the Climax Volunteer Fire Department.

We are waiting to see what the status of the Kendrick and Recovery Volunteer Fire Departments are, as well as guidance from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Election Division, on if we will relocate those polling locations because of no electricity. We encourage voters in those precincts to take advantage of early voting or request a mail-in ballot if you have concerns about voting at those polling locations, or any of the other locations.

When voters register or change their address, they usually receive a precinct card, which informs the voter of their polling location, its address and what potential races they are entitled to vote in. A precinct card is just for information and not required to present prior to voting.

If you are mistakenly in a precinct other than the one you are registered in, it is your choice to either vote a provisional ballot at the incorrect precinct or travel to your precinct to cast your ballot on a voting machine. If time is a concern, please vote provisionally. There is no guarantee you would be able to vote in every race you are entitled to vote in if at an incorrect precinct, but most votes on your provisional ballot will count if simply voting out of precinct. This only applies if you are voting within the county you are registered in.

Also, if the poll workers are having a hard time finding your voting record in the database on Election Day, please request a provisional ballot so our office can continue to research your voter registration information.


Decatur County has nine precincts. The Elections Office at the Courthouse Annex is not a voting location on Election Day. The nine precincts – which have some changes noted because of Hurricane Michael — are the following:

Attapulgus Community Center
405 E. Griffin Ave.
Attapulgus, GA 39815

Brinson Municipal Building
179 Clifton St.
Brinson, GA 39825

Climax City Hall
105 Drane St.
Climax, GA 39834

Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center
Southern Regional Technical College
2500 Shotwell St.
Bainbridge, GA 39819

Chamber 1 building
1211 Vada Road
Bainbridge, GA 39817

KENDRICK – This location may change if no electricity presents an issue for the well-being of its voters and poll workers.
Kendrick Volunteer Fire Department
2931 Spring Creek Road
Brinson, GA 39825

Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department
119 Deese Road
Bainbridge, GA 39817

RECOVERY — This location may change if no electricity presents an issue for the well-being of its voters and poll workers.
Recovery Volunteer Fire Department
164 River Road
Bainbridge, GA 39819

Old West Bainbridge Middle School
1417 Dothan Road
Bainbridge, GA 39817

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