Grady EMC Awarded Safety Accreditation

Pictured is the Safety Coordinator for Grady EMC, Scott Taliaferro, receiving the certificate. Taliaferro comments, “This is the employees award. It’s their commitment, working every day to maintain a safe work environment that fosters a culture that makes accreditation feasible.”

Grady EMC was awarded a Certificate of Safety Accreditation on Friday, August 24, 2018. This accomplishment represents each aspect of Grady EMC’s mission: Providing Safe, Affordable and Reliable Energy to the Members we Serve!

Safe: Every aspect of Grady EMC was dissected by a group of accreditors from across the state and found that Grady EMC operates with exceptional safety standards, scoring 99 out of 100.

Affordable: By earning this certificate, Grady EMC is insured at a much reduced cost compared to Co-Ops that do not have this accreditation.
Reliable: Safety is a broad term. Some things that fall into this category include the shape of the Grady EMC facilities and equipment. Organization falls under this category as well. Because Grady EMC is well maintained, well organized and well equipped, reliability is drastically improved.

Last but not least, Grady EMC was awarded this same certification 3 years ago. The accreditors commented that although we did well then, the improvements and advancements that have been made over the last three years are very apparent!

Grady EMC is a consumer-owned cooperative that provides electricity and other related services to over 13,000 consumers across 3 counties.

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