Dalton completes training program

Bainbridge Public Safety would like to recognize Engineer Tyler Dalton for successfully completing a 40-hour course for “Fire Service Instructor 1” the week of April 29, 2018.

The training program meets requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency 1041 Standard for Fire Service Instructor Qualifications – Instructor 1. The course prepares the instructor to train using a variety of methods, how to teach diverse learners, and evaluate course outcomes. Training also provides guidelines for addressing the critical issues of safety, and the legal issues of training and organizing the instructional environment so that learning is maximized.

Fire Chief Doyle Welch stated “Engineer Tyler Dalton gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities as a Fire Instructor 1 to deliver instruction effectively from a prepared lesson plan, including instructional aids and evaluation instruments, and to adapt lesson plans to the unique requirements for the students.”

Dalton received State of Georgia certification and National Professional Qualifications for Fire Service Instructor 1 Level.

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