Former teacher under investigation for assualting autistic child


Solicitor-General Benjamin David Harrell announced today that his office, working with Investigator Anthony Stubbs of the Decatur County School Police, have an ongoing investigation against a former Bainbridge (employed by Thomas County Schools) teacher, Avondika Cherry, for assaulting a 6-year-old autistic student at Pathways Educational Program in Bainbridge. Harrell stated that at this time Cherry has been charged with Simple Battery but that additional charges against Cherry will be forthcoming.

A classroom security video from October 9th captured Cherry hitting the autistic student multiple times as another autistic student watched. The following day, video footage shows Cherry describing the incident to a former Pathways paraprofessional, Melissa Williams-Brown and another Pathways teacher, Phyllis Rambo.

Williams-Brown and Rambo have both been charged with failing to report child abuse. Cherry and Williams-Brown are no longer employed at Pathways.

Anyone with knowledge regarding this incident should contact Solicitor Benjamin David Harrell at (229) 330-5000 or Investigator Stubbs at (229) 248-2206.

The criminal charges against each individual are merely accusations. Each defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

4 Comments on “Former teacher under investigation for assualting autistic child”

  1. 25 years prison, 10,000 fine each criminal and 5,000 goes to each autistic child for pain and suffering. And a refund of cost of school cost and closer of facility. And the criminals will never be able to work in a school or medical field at all!!! 2,500 fine for not reporting a crime. Also the criminals will never be able to keep children or elderly in their homes!!! If I was a judge this will be the outcome!!!

  2. So did the my arrest the other teacher that was on there when the abuse occurred because she also did not report it?!?!

  3. That baby deserves more than $5,000 for the suffering he endured. I have an autistic son and would’ve beat her ads down along with the other 2 that didn’t report it.

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