The Death of Femininity

James H. Cagle

The Bible (KJV) says, “Because that when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. . . . For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature” (Rom. 1: 21-26).

The latter part of Romans’ one describes the consequences of the choice made by people who turn their back on God, who they know exist, through general revelation, which is God disclosing Himself through nature, history, and their conscience.

With each turn away from God, they debased and defiled themselves more as they followed after their sinful lusts, until eventually, “even their women” changed from that which God created them for naturally, and began using themselves in an unnatural way, a way never intended by God. Contrary to evolution, man has not evolved up, but rather devolved down by refusing to acknowledge the only true and living and incorruptible God.

These latter verses in chapter one of Romans describes a society with a culture, which has approved of, accepted, appropriated laws and provisions for the protection and defense of homosexuality. It depicts a society that has turned its back on God and is ripe for the judgment of God. Homosexuality – among both men and women – is the first and most evident sign of a society upon which God has turned His judgment.

The one sure sign that a society has fallen into this wicked state in which “not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” is when even the women have begun practicing this sin. The word “even” is associated with the word “evening” which means the last glimmer of light before darkness falls. When the women have left their natural state to do that which is unnatural then deep darkness and the judgment of God are imminent. The moral state in general of the females in a country is a good indicator of the state of that country.

Femininity is obviously referring to the female. Femininity is those characteristics, those virtues, those traits, and qualities that are most commonly attributed to the female, such as soft, delicate, tender, nourisher, and weak in comparison to the male (Pro. 31). These graces are what makes the woman what God intended for her to be and is what enables her to fulfill her role as wife and mother and is her way of projecting herself into society and keeping in check the evils of our day.

There are males who refuse to be masculine and choose to be effeminate, or make themselves womanish. This is bad enough. But, worse than that, according to Scripture, is when the woman who refuses to be feminine and chooses instead to be masculine. (“Lesbian” comes from Sappho of Lesbos (600 B.C.), a Greek poetess famous for her erotic poetry and homosexuality.)

The Feminists’ movement of our day which was supposedly going to help the female and give her equality with the male has destroyed femininity. The female has had to cast aside those graces that made her the gem in society that God intended for her to be so she could man-up and compete with the male and we are all the worse for it. This was part of Satan’s plan to destroy any resistance against his evil work. Through feminism he received help from the female.

Femininity is dead. Those graces of God manifested through a submissive female in order that God through her might make a godly impact in society are gone. You will not even find them in the church except on some rare occasion.

G. Campbell Morgan said, “When the womanhood of a nation is noble, the national life is held in strength. When it is corrupt, the nation is doomed. Woman is the last stronghold of good or evil. Compassion and cruelty are superlative in her.”

The Virtuous Woman

Solomon’s mother spoke of a woman,
Extremely rare and difficult to find;
With such virtue that made her more valuable
Than all the gold and diamonds in the mine.
Attempting to extol her excellence,
One’s lips fail to find the right words;
For there is none by which to compare her,
And of her goodness most have only heard.
Her loveliness is radiant,
With an essence that’s purely divine;
Her life’s poured out, an offering to God,
A perfume of sweet savor so sublime.
Industrious, loving, and kind is she,
She works hard and her labor is good;
Taking care of her family and the needy
In the way she thinks Jesus would.
She has striven for noble character,
Therefore, her heart is purer than gold;
Her husband’s heart doth safely trust her,
All because of God’s grace in her soul.
Her comeliness is not of herself,
Nor is her wealth in her gems;
Her attraction is not of this world,
For her glory is from the Heavenly realm.
She is one of maybe ten thousand,
A rare jewel in this dark sinful place;
She’s clothed with strength and honor,
Reflecting God’s holiness, peace, and grace.
She has a spirit that’s meek and quiet,
And a heart both sure and tender;
Her family rises to call her blessed,
Because she kept Christ as the very center.
This woman, she is priceless;
No one can say how much she’s worth.
She’s a jewel in the Savior’s crown,
His token of love upon the earth.
Oh, today, if a few Christian women,
Would like this woman seek to be,
What a difference they would make in the church,
And in our homes and community.
James H. Cagle

2 Comments on “The Death of Femininity”

  1. These dated viewpoints are exhausting. Old man yelling at the sky. No one with half a brain under the age of 40 agrees with anything you say. Adapt or die, or just alienate yourself. I challenge you to take a look at your life. Do you have a large, varied group who love you, or have you surrounded yourself in an echo chamber? If you are lucky enough to have grandchildren or great-grandchildren, I’d be willing to bet they do not enjoy spending time with you.

    1. You’re right the young people will not agree with what I’m saying. But they are the generation that has turned its back on God. People have always disagreed with the truth and tried to destroy it, but it still remains and will remain until the end. I have plenty of friends and family that love me and see things the same way I do because they like me are Christians and they get the point of view or world view from the Bible, from God’s perspective. I could ask you the same question you asked me. Are you living alone in an echo chamber, and have you surrounded your self with friends who see only the way you do? I realize I’m in the minority. But just because people don’t like the truth or because it sounds old fashion doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the truth given to us by God by which He will one day judge us.

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