Quality Inn Tourist Accommodation Report


8 – annual gas fired equipment inspection on file; gas units equipped with automatic safety and/or 100% cut-off pilot

511-6-2-.15(5) – heating and fire safety-inspection

Points: 5

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: Yes

Inspector NotesRepeat Violation: All gas fired equipment shall be inspected annually by a qualified licensed contractor. PIC stated a licensed contractor will inspect on 03/12/2020.

17 – proper ventilation; no sign of mold, mildew, odors or moisture

511-6-2-.08(5) – toilet and bathing ventilation

Points: 2

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector NotesBathroom vent no working in Room 407.

27 – all furniture, waste receptacles, draperies, carpets; clean, and in good repair, considered the property of and furnished by the tourist accommodation

511-6-2-.14(5) – condition of furnishings

Points: 4

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector NotesObserved every cloth chair in every room stained. A lot of stains on chairs. Chairs to be cleaned by 03/16/2020 in Rooms 407, 417, 104, 105, 200, and 219.

32 – separate, structurally sound, clean, and in good repair: dryers vented and adequate lighting

511-6-2-.17(1) – laundry facilities

Points: 1

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector NotesObserved damaged ceiling in laundry room. Large hole over gas water heaters which has not been repaired and flaking paint on the ceiling. PIC will address with owner. Contact EH with a plan of corrective action by 03/16/2020.

34 – grounds, walkways, porches and hallways maintained; drives provide unobstructed width and proper spacing; graded to drain; trailer spaces marked clearly, areas clean and maintained in good repair

511-6-2-.18(2) – grounds free of litter

Points: 3

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector NotesObserved a lot of trash, debris, and cigarette butts in the parking lot, behind rooms, at the stairs, under stairs, and by swimming pool. PIC stated areas will be cleaned by 03/16/2020.

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