Diablo’s Southwest Grill Health Inspection Report


12C – wiping cloths: properly used and stored

511-6-1.04(4)(m) – wiping cloths, use limitation (c)

Points: 3

Corrected during inspection?: Yes

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes: Observed wet wiping cloth used to wipe down and sanitize food prep tables not stored in sanitizing solution between uses. Also observed no sanitizer in the sanitizing buckets. COS: PIC removed wet wiping cloth and refilled sanitizing buckets with sanitizer.

15C – nonfood-contact surfaces clean

511-6-1.05(7)(d) – nonfood-contact surfaces (c)

Points: 1

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes: Observed a heavy buildup of dust/grease on fans in/at front line serving section. Fans are soiled. PIC will have them cleaned today.

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