Dairy Queen Health Inspection Report


15C – nonfood-contact surfaces clean

511-6-1.05(7)(d) – nonfood-contact surfaces (c)

Points: 1

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: Yes

Inspector Notes: Observed soiled nonfood contact surfaces of rolling carts, shelves, Toastmaster warmer, TurboChef unit, chest freezer, Artic Air unit, Antunes unit, etc. General cleaning needed on all of the equipment. PIC will have everything cleaned by 11/28/19.

17C – physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

511-6-1.07(5)(a),(b) – good repair, physical facilities maintained; cleaning, frequency & restrictions, cleaned often enough to keep them clean (c)

Points: 1

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes: Observed debris build up on walls under front counter. Walls dirty. Observed build up on the walls in the prep station in kitchen around and behind equipment such as Turbo Chef unit and Central prep unit. PIC will have walls cleaned by 11/28/19.

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