Budget Inn Tourist Accommodation Report


16 – toilet/lavatory/bathing facility fixtures and rooms clean and maintained; properly lighted, clearly marked, proper signage, and all in good repair

Points: 2

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes Room 133: Observed shower head and shower knobs were loose and had excessive movement when touched. Owner is to find a way to anchor shower head and shower knobs within the next 30 days. Room 137: Observed plumbing piping at vanity sink in restroom leaking very badly. Owner to remove Room 137 from service until plumbing leak can be repaired. Room 128: Observed sheetrock wall at shower head moldy and crumbling; appears to have been previously repaired. Wall at shower head to be replaced or repaired within 14 days.

27 – all furniture, waste receptacles, draperies, carpets; clean, and in good repair, considered the property of and furnished by the tourist accommodation

Points: 4

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: Yes

Inspector Notes: Observed trash and debris in dresser drawers and night stand drawers in all rooms inspected. Discussed with owner to have conversation with house keeping staff regarding vacuuming dresser and night stand drawers at the time a room is cleaned. Owner is to be all night stand and dresser drawers vacuumed within 24 hours. Observed dresser drawers and night stands in very poor condition in Rooms 133, 137, and 128 (busted, and/or inoperable dresser drawers (screwed shut), missing drawer front plate(137). Observed missing smoke detectors in Rooms 128 and 133. Rooms 128 and 133 should be rented until smoke detectors are replaced and are operable. Room 133: Observed left bedside lamp know broken making lamp inoperable. Owner to replace broken knob and/or lamp within 7 days. Room 128: Observed luan veneer peeling at bottom, on both sides of restroom door. Discussed door replacement with owner. She stated the motel is old and the door is a hard size to find. Owner to find replacement door and replace door within the next 60 days. Owner to call EH is there are issues finding a replacement door.

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