Quality Inn Tourist Accommodation Report


  • 8 – annual gas fired equipment inspection on file; gas units equipped with automatic safety and/or 100% cut-off pilot

511-6-2-.15(5) – heating and fire safety-inspection

Points: 5

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes: All gas fired equipment shall be inspected annually by a qualified licensed contractor. Last gas fired inspection on record was 03/23/18 by Lonnie Watson. Inspection is six months past due. Must have gas fired equipment inspected as soon as possible. Call EH when it has been done.

  • 34 – grounds, walkways, porches and hallways maintained; drives provide unobstructed width and proper spacing; graded to drain; trailer spaces marked clearly, areas clean and maintained in good repair511-6-2-.18(2) – grounds free of litterPoints: 3Corrected during inspection?: NoRepeat: No

    Inspector Notes: Observed a lot of debris and cigarette butts all over the parking lot and in the staircase walkway. PIC will have the grounds cleaned by 09/13/19.

  • 35 – electrical work and materials in compliance; grounded and weatherproof outlets, properly located power lines511-6-2-.18(6) – eletrical supplyPoints: 1Corrected during inspection?: NoRepeat: No

    Inspector Notes: Observed an electrical outlet in the front left corner exposed. The outlet is not covered at all. PIC will have outlet properly covered by 09/11/19. Outlet is in front of Room 101.

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