PT-61 Filings 2/15/19 – 2/22/19

Buyer(s) Seller(s) Property Amount Sale Date
Kimberly Smith Teddy Smith Bethel Rd Divorced Based Transfer 1/6/2019
Zane Allen, Kimberly Allen Jackie Griffin Land Lot: 31 District: 21 Deed of Gift 2/8/2019
Eian Edward Dodd Stuart L Atkinson $80,000 2/12/2019
Kirbo Family Rentals LLC Thomas Franklin Powell, Jr. Tallahassee Hwy $78,000 2/13/2019
Johnny L Payne Angela Manning Majestic Ave $176,900 2/13/2019
Johnny L Payne Johnny L Payne , Desiree Lynette Payne Majestic Ave $0 2/13/2019
Bobby H Barber, Jr. Brandon T Bellflower Land Lot: 3 District: 21 $15,000 2/14/2019
Hubert C Dodson Roy R Reynolds, Carolyn D Reynolds Byron St Deed of Gift 2/14/2019
Wesley Thomas CR 2018 LLC Seven Bridges Rd $20,000 2/15/2019
Louise P Chapman Henry W Mack Lot 30 Decatur Heights Sub $105,000 2/15/2019
Ulana F Swords Charles W Galpin Lot 4,5 Murdock Sub $129,900 2/18/2019
Larry Donnell Jones JLW Properties LLC Louise St $40,299 2/19/2019
Alken J Boone, III Barbara B Murrah Stewart Ave $119,000 2/19/2019
Jerry L Jones, Jill W Jones Derrick M Jones Jones-Dean Rd $7,500 2/20/2019

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