Bainbridge Middle School Teacher of the Year

Jody Poitevient is a 7th grade geography teacher at Bainbridge Middle School. He has been in this position for 2 years. Before finding his home at Bainbridge Middle, Jody worked his way up from a paraprofessional in the Atlanta School System.

Mr. Poitevient graduated from Valdosta State with a Masters in Special Education, a Bachelors in History with a Latin American emphasis and a Minor in Political Science from Troy University, Associates of Art in Early Childhood Education from Bainbridge College, and an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Microcomputers from Bainbridge College.

Mr. Poitevient worked as a paraprofessional at Henry County High before transitioning to middle school in Rockdale County. He taught self-contained students a variety of subjects and learned how important relationships are in order to teach and reach the individual student. Mr. Poitevient has also taught in an online setting for Georgia Cyber Academy for self-contained high school.

Jody also runs the Bainbridge Middle School Facebook page which is used to reach the community and enforce the “Parent Friendly School” philosophy that Bainbridge Middle School enforces.

Jody uses a mixture of technology and interpersonal relationship building in his style to help educate the students he is graced with each year. Each day, students are excited to enter the classroom to see how and what Mr. Poitevient will do to keep geography interesting. He has been lovingly nicknamed as Mr. P.

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