Ivey Funeral Home launches life saving app

On Wednesday, Max and Dana Bryant of Ivey Funeral Home presented a new life saving initiative to Decatur County EMS, E911, law enforcement, healthcare providers and other area first responders. Ivey Funeral Home has invested in a custom branded app, Vital ICE, to help first responders work smarter, not harder, when it comes to saving lives in the community.

Vital ICE is a free app that users can list vital medicinal information, such as blood type, allergies, medications, medical history, and much more. The app keeps pertinent information about the individual in an easy to use format, so it can be readily available to EMS personnel when arriving at the scene of an emergency. An individual or caregiver can also email the information directly to the hospital ER, allowing medical personnel to properly prepare before arrival.

When a medical emergency has occurred, it can often be difficult to remember all the important information concerning a dependent. In addition to individual information, all relevant information about dependents can be stored on the app as well. The app features a text message alert system that, when activated, sends a text to each of an individual’s emergency contacts after a medical emergency has occurred.

Vital ICE offers the option of backing up the information to a user’s personal Dropbox in the event a mobile device is lost. The app also allows individuals to schedule medication notifications, physician appointments, and immunization reminders. The medical information is confidential and can only be accessed through an individual or caregiver’s mobile device. Ivey Funeral Home does not have access to any information listed in the app.

Ivey Funeral Home asks that you download the Vital ICE (In Case of Emergency) app, from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, for your smart phone and enter in their code: #2785.

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