New officer joins Bainbridge-Decatur County Animal Control

The City of Bainbridge is pleased to announce that Michael Cutchin has joined Jeff Turner as a new Bainbridge-Decatur County Animal Control Officer.

Cutchin, who is also a Brinson Volunteer Firefighter, is married to Tammy and they have two children.

Animal Control can be reached by calling 229-515-0172.

2 Comments on “New officer joins Bainbridge-Decatur County Animal Control”

  1. In all fairness, these are HUMAN BEINGS who take on these “thankless” jobs. They have “families”, they have a life outside of their job position. IF people would be RESPONSIBLE and get their pets spayed and neutered, these men would not get dozens of calls a day. Have you seen the number of dogs and cats just roaming the streets of Bainbridge?! It’s pathetic! These men cannot be in multiple places at once and no one person is more important than another. The limited sight of reality is why these negative comments are made. (And NO… I have don’t have any connection to either of these men, I just continually here what’s “wrong” with the people who serve the citizens of this town and it’s high time someone realizes that unless you are willing to step into their place and DO BETTER or be a help or encourager, then keep quiet)

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