1 On 1 Mentoring host anti-bullying event

1 On 1 Mentoring, nonprofit organization in Decatur County, Promotes National
Safe Schools Week, and Say Something Week by encouraging middle school students
to be Upstanders and Say Something. Being an “upstander” requires that students
speak up when they recognize bully situations. Upstanders stand up for what is right,
does their best to help support and protect someone who is being hurt, and says
something to a trusted adult to protect a friend from hurting them self or others.
Bainbridge High School (BHS) track coaches, the event speakers, will relate the
importance of being on a team to being an upstander for others. The coaches will
integrate track metaphors throughout the presentation. In relay races each member of
the relay team is as important as the next to ensure a successful race. In life, students
are encouraged to be inclusive and pass along positivity. Students are emboldened to
be upstanders and stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading, respect others’
differences, make friends outside of their circle, and refuse to be a bystander.

SPEAKERS: BHS track coaches Larry Cosby, and Tandria Phillips

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