Shortly after Hurricane Harvey smashed the third coast, Irma had Decatur and surrounding counties in her horizon. Many evacuees from all over Florida uprooted their lives in flight of Irma’s wild path of destruction. Residents and local churches united together to provide all the necessary provisions for the displaced Floridians.

A local pastor told recent evacuees that “y’all may have to feed us before its all said and done.”

Three local churches: Southwest Baptist, Grace, and West St. Baptist, have men working in a senior adult mobile home park that was destroyed in Naples, FL. Most citizens in the area have nothing and are living on a fixed income.

The three Bainbridge churches fed around a hundred people yesterday, the 26th.  Today they will feed more for breakfast and lunch. In addition to cooking, the church representatives are cutting trees and moving the lumber to the road.  A big job has been removing demolished carports.

“They ask us why are we here?” said Pastor Stanley Phillips, of Southwest Baptist Church.  “We tell them because Jesus tells us to help the hurting, especially the widows and orphans.”

Items will be collected at Southwest Baptist Church through Friday, Oct 5th, from 9:00am until 1:00pm then from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

The greatest need is all types of can foods, black beans, rice, tortillas, bleach, toiletries, and baby items.  Food will be delivered to a mission in Immokalee and the senior adult center here in Naples.

Anyone interested in working on future trips to help the people in south Florida, please send email to: 

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