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April 8, 2014

1st Annual 10 Gun Raffle Bearcat Touchdown Club

Category: Talk — citizen @ 11:56 pm

Bainbridge Bearcat Touchdown Club is doing a 10 gun raffle. Tickets will be sold until April 27th. Tickets are $10.00 and 1000 tickets will be sold. Tickets can be purchased by contacting Doug Williams 229-220-0843 or 229-246-4075 or coming by Williams Automotive. They are going to go fast so get yours today. Drawings will be held Monday April 28th thru Friday May 2nd, and Monday May 5th through Friday May 9th. Winners must be 18 years of age or older and register for the winning gun at Southern Trading Co. in Bainbridge GA. Winning numbers(000-999)are going to be chosen by the Georgia Midday Cash 3 Lottery numbers on the dates given above. Winners will be contacted daily. Here is the list of guns to be given away and Guns will be won in this order 1.Smith & Wesson M&P 40 cal. pistol (Monday, April 28th) 2.Ruger American 270 rifle (Tuesday, April 29th) 3.Smith & Wesson Body Guard 380 pistol (Wednesday, April 30th) 4.Colt M4 .22 rifle (Thursday, May 1st)5.Mossberg 500 12ga shotgun (Friday, May 2nd)6.Glock 45 ACP pistol (Monday, May 5th)7.Tikka T3 .308 rifle (Tuesday, May 6th)8.Beretta PX4 9mm pistol (Wednesday, May 7th) 9.Remington 783 30-06 rifle (Thursday, May 8th)10.Beretta A400 12ga shotgun (Friday, May9th)Good Luck and Thank You for your Support in 2014.

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October 15, 2013

lets see some action

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I am tired of hearing about a skate park, lets see some action.

And furthermore, where’s a baseball field the kids can just go and play on when they want,and is not locked up all the time. Some of my best memories are having a game on Sat. afternoons with my friends at the Boat Basin. Why not have a field that can be used anytime. Do for the kid’s

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Gas Prices

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I am trying real hard to understand why gas is about 30 cents higher here in Bainbridge than it is in Cairo. This is not cool at all. I am getting my gas from Cairo and any other place I travel to. The gas in Tallahassee, and Havana is also cheaper than Bainbridge. It is interesting how all the surrounding counties gasoline is going down…while Bainbridge continues to hold at 3.37/3.38. Gasoline is 3.05 to 3.11 in Cairo.

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June 20, 2013

In response to: “DJJ Investigators warned by About Unfinished Cases.”

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My comment: Our nation’s children are being prosecuted for breaking the law because Dept. of Juvenile Justice refuses to join with Dept. of Family & Children Services in working with parents to help with children who break the law. Who do you think are responsible for raising children. Yes you are correct, parents are responsible. So how did the nation come up the idea to prosecute a child without finding out what’s going on within the home?

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June 19, 2013

A Sorry State …

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Some of these people have a mental illness and some have mental illness with drug dependency. Many mentally ill are homeless and commit crimes. After Southwestern State Hospital is closed the problem may get a lot worse.  The mentally ill are often paranoid and delusional. Jails do not work for these people.  They may be mentally ill but they still have the drive to survive.

It is a sorry State we live in that is going to leave S.W. Georgia with no reprieve for the mentally ill.  These community based care home will only give them doors with no locks.  This way they can wonder around in the community and you do not know who they are.  They will look for a way to survive and or listen to the voices in their head.  Does this sound like a problem to you? I think it is.  I work with these people every day and many are dangerous when off their medication.  So in closing,  ” Coming soon to a neighborhood near you”, the mentally ill will be in the communities you live in.

Nurse Gail
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June 18, 2013

County Employees

Category: Talk — post @ 11:43 am

It has come to my attention that several of our county employees live outside the county like in Grady county.And some how the county warrants letting them drive county vehicles home at the tax payers costs.Last week I read where they are going to raise the property tax by 1.5 mill. This is BULL!!

Why is it every time the county needs money they raise property tax? Why does the people in the county that work and try to have something always have to foot the bill? Why not raise sales tax so everybody that spends a dollar gets to pay a share of the tax? Not just the people that owns property.And far as the county employees that drives county cars home that lives in another county…Don’t anybody pay my way back and forth to work so why should the county.

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February 22, 2013

Recently, I was reading an article

Category: Talk — Larry @ 10:02 am

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April 20, 2012

Father Arrested in Infants Death

Category: Talk — kindness-matters @ 7:25 pm

Every time a see a headline or an article about child abuse it makes me physically sick. What adult finds pleasure in hurting an innocent, helpless child? When are we going to punish these inhumane monsters like they should be punished? Don’t give him/her a headline. The crime will never stop until the punishment is severe enough to deter the criminals. And “no” it will never “end”, but you could make one huge dent in it if all the “followers” and “copy cats” KNEW what price they would pay. I am so glad for this child that the pain is over, the tears have been wiped away…but a life was lost too soon…this child could have made a difference in the world. THIS CHILD DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Now it’s just a name, a headline, a story to one day be forgotten…while the scum that snuffed out this innocent life waits to see if we will feed him three hot meals a day, let him lift some weights, play some b-ball, watch some TV. No justice for the victim! When is enough, enough? I pray that all those involved in the prosecution of this monster will look at him like it was their child he murdered!

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February 27, 2012

Support needed for bainbridge skatepark

Category: Talk — mcd87 @ 7:23 pm

For the past 6 years the city of bainbridge has pland to build a skatepark for the kids in this town but still no progress. What I don’t understand is why do we have new baseball fields, soccer fields, and basketball courts and no skatepark? Half or less of the basketball courts could’ve been use for our skatepark, don’t you think? Im 100% positive there will be more kids skating everyday and night. I want to make this project happen, so any and all comments on this post will help move forward with what the city of bainbridge has promised our youth for the past 6 years so let’s make this happen

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January 24, 2012


Category: Talk — post @ 11:00 pm

cousinbubba writes

Someone needs to run against her and get her off the board. Sorry, but she is out of touch with the issues that face us as Decatur county citizens…

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January 15, 2012

Ripped Off

Category: Talk — post @ 11:00 pm

Deb Writes

As a person who was robbed after hiring a person to clean my house I am putting this warning out to others in this community.  Always keep valuables locked or have a camera system because these people can steal from you and get by with it just because they say they did not do it.  I am one who found out the hard way…

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January 10, 2012

County Heads Into the Sewer

Category: Talk — Larry @ 11:00 pm

Decatur County government took a sharp turn into the sewer on Tuesday morning, in several different ways as Commissioner CT Stafford assumed the County Commision Chair for 2012.

Not only did they revert to the old days of hiding discussions they fear the public hearing(more below), and not caring if anyone knows they did so, but they abandoned any Decatur County residents who have a septic tank. On Tuesday morning, Decatur County Commissioners voted 5-1, with Commissioner Mosely voting no, to suspend accepting sewer tank pump out waste at the Decatur County sewage plant.

article here

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January 1, 2012

A Sad Reflection

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kindness-matters writes

It is such a sad reflection on our town that it takes a man losing his life to get a thief off our streets! What is it with these repeat offenders? Put them in jail and leave them there or show them the county line and put a price on them if they come back into Decatur County!

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December 29, 2011

How Did We Get To This?

Category: Talk — post @ 6:00 pm

carl writes

The things that I encountered today, after making a few needed purchases, are just unacceptable. I purchased a circular saw blade, with a very popular and trusted name brand, and paid top dollar for it, mostly due to the name brand. As I opened the package, prior to installing the new blade on the saw, I was stunned at the poor quality, and began to read the applied sticker on the new blade. While the sticker stated that any questions about the product, could be directed to the company, which is in the USA, the last line actually angered me, as it stated, “product of China – made in China”.

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December 28, 2011

Investors Beware!

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egowan writes

After being employed for 14 yrs. at a business in Bainbridge, Ga. I was laid off with 2 days notice. All my savings and 401K was invested with this company but I was laid off and was refused my money. This company is now in bankruptcy. Be careful trusting someone else to take care of your best interest. This local company has hurt my family and many families in Decatur Co. and surrounding counties. “Your sins will find you out” You know who you are that has hurt many families but yet draws a $240,000 annual salary. Your actions will be held accountable by God.

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