Why is one of the highest paid City of Bainbridge vendors doing work at the City Manager’s personal residence?

At best, the work was paid for by the City Manager and looks bad because it’s being done by one of the highest paid City of Bainbridge vendors.

See payments here


At worst, this work was not paid for and was a favor to the City Manager by one of the highest paid City of Bainbridge vendors in exchange for having an unfair advantage when bidding on jobs. Did Hall Contracting know the other bidders bid amounts before making their final bid? Were bids made public and requested by other vendors?

May 18, 2020

Hall Contracting truck parked in front of City Manager Chris Hobby’s personal residence

May 20, 2020

Hall Contracting employee entering City Manager Chris Hobby’s personal residence

June 1, 2020

Hall Contracting employees entering City Manager Chris Hobby’s personal residence

The fishing dock at Cheney Griffin Park was built by Hall Contracting and rendered useless by numerous flooding events. When the dock was demolished by Hall Contracting, the demolished material was tossed into the river. This was done in the summer and could have put boaters at risk of hitting the materials and harming the boats or those being pulled behind boats. Was throwing the material in the river the choice of Hall Contracting or someone at City Hall? Why did City of Bainbridge employees clean up the building materials instead of Hall Contracting? Was Hall Contracting charged for the clean up?

May 20, 2020

City of Bainbridge fishing dock built by Hall Contracting employees and thrown in the water, resting between the piers of the train trestle bridge.

Were the employees instructed to throw the material instead of the city’s employees?

May 22, 2020

City of Bainbridge employees and equipment being used to remove the former fishing dock built by and demolished by Hall Contracting from the river.

See payments here


25 Comments on “Why is one of the highest paid City of Bainbridge vendors doing work at the City Manager’s personal residence?”

  1. Hobby is nothing more than a burden on city residents. He has done nothing but waste money and reep havoc changing Bainbridge into what he wants not the citizens. We want our train back.

    1. He’s a crook! Came in as a crook and remains the same. He’s so deep seated in Bainbridge/DECATUR County you could get rid of him with dynamite. Crooks cover for crooks. Hence, the river swamp!

  2. Your first investigative reporting, don’t let them scare you off. Maybe you will be able to live up to the name like when Larry had it!

      1. Jeff. You need to see what the admin of the county and city are spending your $$$$ on. Instead of throwing phonics stones.

    1. This article falls short of anything known as invetigative journalism. Wheres the interviews? Wheres the statements? Had the writer asked they would have known the debris in the river was there because of the flooding and not because someone threw it in the water

  3. You would think after he stole city water for a year or longer and forgot to pay we would of took care of him then. Once a crook always a crook. Bainbridge is a town of circles, your either in the circle of people allowed to break the law and never punished or your in the circle of the average citizen

    1. EXACTLY!!! How many Bainbridge citizens have a spike in their WATER bill (NOT gas) and then get told you must have a leak when you ask why it went from $35 to $350-$400 and it is only you. They’ll send someone to check it out and the guys say everything is fine. :/ but yet you don’t know how and they demand you pay it right then!

    1. While in public there is no expectation to privacy. Had they entered the home, then it is a privacy issue. I would venture to say that if nothing improper is done in “public”, there would be no need for concern. However, I will say that the City is benefitting from non-disclosure agreements from some former vendors and employees. I know this as I have seen it with my own eyes.

  4. Thank you for bringing this to light. We need investigative journalism to hold our elected leaders accountable. Have you tried interviewing any of the folks involved? It is only fair to get them on record, if possible.

    1. No one will speak out in truth. It’s like the swamp….if you work and live there, you have to keep your mouth shut.

  5. Long serving employees had black books. The were paid off somehow with no disclosure contacts. Pandora’s box needs to be opened.

      1. I was told by a well known attorney from Bainbridge the city charter is written in such a way that impeachment would be easier. Power runs deep in that community. Try to stand up for a fellow employee and see what happens. The hatchet man visits and your position is eliminated.

  6. This is not investigative journalism. If you had actually talked to him, his wife, his daughter or even her boyfriend you would know they’ve had ongoing house work done. If you had any facts at all you wouldn’t be asking the people you’re writing to questions; you would be presenting them with factual statements. Instead, you’re making unproven accusations and fanning the flames. How people think this is investigative journalism is beyond me. Also, Chip Hall is a good contractor and doesn’t need any favors.

    1. Chip Hall is a scammer who hires other criminals and pays them under the table to avoid regular payroll taxes. If you’re a crook in one manner, you don’t mind being a crook in another.

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