Introducing the 2020-2021 Decatur County 4-H Junior/Senior Officer Team

L-R: Sutton Smith, Omarion Smart, Rachel Hayes, Corbin Austin, Kinsey Ward and Olivia Griner

Decatur County 4-H is proud to introduce a great group of 7th – 12th grade 4-H’ers. The 2020-21 officer team consists of Corbin Austin, President; Omarion Smart, Vice-President; Rachel Hayes, Secretary; Kinsey Ward, Reporter; Olivia Griner, 8th grade Representative and Sutton Smith, 7th grade Representative. These young people have already established themselves as excellent leaders in their schools and community.

Rachel Hayes, Secretary

Kinsey Ward, Reporter

Olivia Griner, 8th grade Representative

Omarion Smart, Vice-President

Corbin Austin, President

Sutton Smith, 7th grade Representative

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