Traffic Stop Leads to Methamphetamine Arrest

Submitted by Bainbridge Public Safety

On Friday, November 13th around 10pm, Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Toby Miller conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Dothan Road.  As Captain Miller approached the vehicle, he could smell the distinct odor of green marijuana.  Sergeant Chuck Strickland and Officer Trent Olhausen arrived on scene.  A search of the vehicle and of the driver, identified as Dwight Eric Haire, revealed a clear plastic zip bag containing a white crystal-like substance (methamphetamine), a small container of marijuana, and several hundred dollars in cash.

Dwight Eric Haire was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute (FELONY), Possession of Marijuana, and Failure to Maintain Lane.


Due to his uncooperativeness during his arrest, Haire was also charged with Obstructing Officers (FELONY) and Tampering with Evidence (FELONY).

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