Decatur County COVID-19 Cases 10/26/20

*Numbers reported by Georgia Department of Public Health

CountyConfirmed CasesCases - Previous 2 WeeksHospitalizationsDeaths

Long-Term Care Facility COVID-19 Report

*Numbers reported by Georgia Department of Community Health

FacilityTotal ResidentsCOVID-19 Positive ResidentsResident DeathsTested ResidentsResidents RecoveredCOVID-19 Positive Staff
Bainbridge Health and Rehab74648745030
Memorial Manor Nursing Home85264651715

One Comment on “Decatur County COVID-19 Cases 10/26/20”

  1. Thank for the people who have recovered. 97.4% have recovered from COVID-19 in Decatur County, Georgia
    Yes the deaths are sad
    COVID-19 should not be classified as a Pandemic.
    The Media and the Democrats are blowing this out of proportion.
    It appears Long term care facilities the death rate is higher. They have 12 deaths of the 34 and 90 of the 1291 confirmed cases.
    This is something to be concerned about.
    Decatur County has a population of 26404 so there is an infection rate of only 4.9%.
    A death rate from COVID-19 of 13/100th% meaning 99% are not dieing from COVID-19
    It don’t take a rocket science to see the stats.

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