Words: The Medium for Sight


There are two types of blindness. There’s natural blindness that keeps us from seeing the physical world. There’s spiritual blindness that keeps us from seeing the spiritual world.

Because of blindness people are in darkness and ignorant of the world in which they live.

To give the blind sight and understanding of the world they live in that’s invisible to them words are used by another that has sight. Words are the medium used to give sight to the blind. The one that sees uses words to tell the blind what they see so that they may see.

Neither Helen Keller (1880-1968), nor Fanny Crosby (1820-1915), who were both blind from infancy, could not have been taught and experienced success had it not been for the medium of words someone used to bring light and understanding to their darkness and ignorance. The words did not give sight to their blinded eyes but insight to their minds. The medium of sight was gone and the medium of words took its place. Words do paint pictures. In order to overcome their blindness they had to believe the words spoken by the one who could see what they couldn’t see.

Natural blindness happens to some people. Spiritual blindness happens to all people. Because of the Fall we’re all born spiritually blind, in spiritual darkness and ignorant of the things of God. Jesus, on the Jericho road gave the blind man sight (Lk. 18: 35-43). On the road to Emmaus He gave His disciples insight (Lk. 24:13-32, 45). He opened their eyes of understanding with a word about the Word.

Spiritual blindness is not natural. God never intended for man to fall into sin and become spiritually blind. He did, however come up with the cure for spiritual blindness, and that is His Son Jesus Christ the Word (Jn. 1). Jesus is the Word that is the medium through which if we by faith receive Him see the Father, for He is the image of the invisible God (Col. 1: 15). The more we believe the Living Word and the written Word the more we see. We overcome our blindness as we believe the Words spoken by One Who is always before the Father and can see what we can’t see. And it is only then that we truly can see. The greater our understanding of the meaning of His Words the clearer we see.

God uses the medium of words to bring us out of darkness into His marvelous light. From the time of our salvation when we heard the Gospel to the end of our journey here we must believe the Word if we would see and live in a world of the Word.

Our medium of natural sight does us no good in perceiving the things of God, for the Word is the medium that takes its place, for we only see the invisible by faith in God’s Word.

How Can You Say There Is No God?

How can you say there is no God,
When He’s the theme of creation’s song?
When the stars and birds sing His praises,
All the night, and all the day long?
How can you say there is no God,
When we see Him there in all He made?
His wisdom we see in His wondrous works,
From the mighty oak to the lily in the glade.
How can you say there is no God,
When His blessings each day He gives?
He gives the sunshine and the rain,
And through mercy our sins he forgives.
How can you say there is no God,
When He’s been there to guide our feet?
When with each sorrow, heartache and pain,
He would heal us and make us complete?
How can you say there is no God,
When we see Him in our brother’s life?
When we see the change that He has wrought,
As he took away his sin and strife?
How can you say there is no God,
When we see Him in our sister’s life?
See how He gave her beauty for ashes,
When she partook of His eternal life?
How can you say there is no God,
When He’s still answering prayer?
When the sick are healed and the bills are paid,
And He disappoints the nay-sayer?
How can you say there is no God,
When with eyes of love He looks upon you?
And though you deny that he really exist,
To me my friend He really is true.
James H. Cagle

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