A False Sense of Security

James H. Cagle

The Bible (KJV) says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. I and my Father are one” (Jn. 10: 27-30).

We all want some sense of security. We pay a high dollar and go to great extent just to feel safe. And yet for all our trouble someone gets through our protective shield. Our security system is breached because it had a flaw in it. If it was made by man, it can be unmade by man.

Man has a false sense of security in the system that protects his material wealth and family. But man also has a false sense of security in the safety and security of his soul if his soul is not fully, completely, and only trusting securely in Jesus Christ.

Placing our trust in money for our safety and security will give us a false sense of security. We shouldn’t trust in money because though it may be a source of security (Pro. 18: 11), and make us feel self-sufficient (Deut. 8:17; Job 21; Mt. 19: 23, 24), it’s here today and gone tomorrow (Pro. 23: 5), and cannot save our soul (Ps. 49: 6-8; 1 Pet. 1: 18, 19).

Trusting in baptism for our salvation can give us a false sense of security. Getting baptized does not save us nor help to save us, so we should not accept a false sense of security that a false teacher preaching a false doctrine gives us.

We cannot baptize another literally into Christ, or His death, or the remission of sins, because these are spiritual and not physical or spatial realities for us. “To try to mix the two as some do and use certain texts for support as Mark 16: 16; John 3: 5; Titus 3; 5; Acts 2: 38; 22:16, is to try to identify two things that are so fundamentally different that they cannot be identified.” Salvation is a spiritual transaction and depends on spiritual conditions alone.

Trusting in church membership for salvation gives us a false sense of security. Some mistakenly think that the church roll is synonymous with the Lamb’s book of life. Lost church members are slipping out of padded church pews into the horrible, flaming pit of Hell every day. We can spend our life as an active church member, but if we have not been born-again, we will not spend one split second inside the New Jerusalem (Jn. 3).

Trusting in good works for salvation give us a false sense of security. There are many morally good people that think because of their goodness and morality God will accept them into Heaven. But, good works, or our self-righteousness can’t save us (Is. 64:6; Tit. 3: 5).

If we’re trusting in anything for our soul’s salvation other than faith in Jesus Christ alone and still have a sense of security, it’s a false sense of security. A false sense of security comes by unknowingly believing a lie. And since Satan is the father of all lies then we get a false sense of security by believing one of his lies.

Our Nation’s At War

Lord, help us see our nation’s at war and we must rise to protect our shores;
Wake us from our contented state and help us to see that the time is late;
That the judgment of our country is coming due if we don’t repent and return to you.

Lord, lead us by Thy Almighty hand, for the enemy of America we must withstand:
The foes of Justice, Truth, and Light; they that would make what’s wrong seem right,
And would tell us that darkness is the same as light, by thy grace and power must be put to flight.

Lord, help us preserve our nation with Truth, to remember again the love of our youth;
While seeking to worship our Savior and King, we left our homeland and took to our wings.
With our freedom we flew across the dark foam, Thy Word as our standard, we began our new home.

We must not forget our father’s faith now, who fought for our liberty and would not bow,
Until the greatest nation in all the earth, for Truth and Righteousness, God brought to birth.
And gave us a heart to be governed by God, to make us a people, “One nation under God.”

But the enemies of Christ from other lands, have joined with their like in our blessed land.
They seek to destroy our nations foundation, and enact laws to our devastation.
Laws that won’t honor our human rights, and will plunge our nation into darkest night.

They will remove our beloved Constitution, and start a severe religious persecution.
They cannot do this by power and might, but by making us believe their wrong is right.
While politicians fight for their personal agenda, they’re quietly finalizing their addenda.

They came here to destroy us from within, and hate the Americans whose vote helped them win.
Our freedoms and liberties they do not love, but use them to further their plans thereof.
If their plans are fulfilled we’ll all be slaves, in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Lord, help us see our battles can be won, if every Christian their race would run;
If each, would rise from their bed of ease to find God’s power again on their knees;
For it is the Lord that is on our side, that calls us to revive and resist sin’s tide.

Oh Lord, now help me stand in the gap, where the swords of Truth and Wickedness clap.
Give me the strength I need to prevail.  For the sake of others let me not fail.
I will do my best to make up the hedge.  For your cause, O Lord, my life I now pledge.

For the Soul of America, I will join the fight; I will stand up for Truth and Right;
I will follow the path that is true to God’s Word, ‘til my Savior’s call to come home is heard.
Then  may I say, when I kneel in His sight, “For God and Country, I have fought a good fight.”

James H.  Cagle

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