Help Zach Lovering LIVE reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers

A couple from Michigan originally planned to get married this Saturday, April 18.  As with most events scheduled during the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding was postponed, but the bride and groom wanted to do something special for their original wedding day.

Bainbridge native Zach Lovering was asked to perform a livestream concert through YouTube this Saturday to commemorate the special occasion.

The Bride’s parents met Lovering on a recent vacation to the Florida Keys and continued to watch and listen to his performances months after returning from their trip.  The idea came about a week ago to ask Lovering to perform on their original wedding date.

YouTube regulations require Zach to have 1,000 subscribers on his channel before performances may be live streamed.

Please visit Zach Lovering’s YouTube page, Zach Lovering LIVE, to subscribe.

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