SRTC Moves Spring Semester Online

As organizations and individuals all over the country scramble to redefine business as usual, Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) is working to ensure that spring semester completion is attainable for SRTC students.

On March 26, President Jim Glass announced in an email to students that spring semester courses will transition to an online format Monday, April 6 and will remain online until further notice. “We’ve been working behind the scenes to create practical, effective solutions for all 155 of our programs,” said Glass. Faculty and staff members have been working from home since March 13 in a collaborative effort to transition courses to an online format, as well as developing alternative opportunities for programs that are traditionally reliant on hands-on training and clinical hours. “Our program chairs and instructors are experts in their fields,” said Glass. “They care about the success of their students, and I have been overwhelmed with pride as I have heard their innovative ideas for transitioning to distance learning.” In addition to online courses, SRTC students have free access to library services online and a 24/7 tutoring service called Smarthinking.

To accommodate for lost instruction time, the spring semester has been extended until May 13, and the summer semester will now begin on Thursday, May 21.

The College has set up a website page dedicated to keeping students informed about SRTC’s plans to provide online instruction:


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