Days Inn Tourist Accommodation Report


17 – proper ventilation; no sign of mold, mildew, odors or moisture

511-6-2-.08(5) – toilet and bathing ventilation

Points: 2

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector NotesObserved bathroom ceiling vent not working in Room 211. Ceiling vent must be working by 03/10/20.

36 – food in sound condition; protected, properly prepared, stored, and handled; approved dispensers; item storage 6 inches off floor, physical facilities maintained and clean

511-6-2-.19(3)(c)1 – bed and breakfast-food protection

Points: 2

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: Yes

Inspector NotesObserved apples at front counter breakfast area in an opened bowl. Apples not protected; no cover, no tongs, not wrapped. Apples have to be protected. Repeat Violation.

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