River Town Days Festival Promotes Bainbridge and South Georgia Culture

We cannot invite you to our festival without promoting our beautiful town, Bainbridge, Georgia and the wonderful culture and experiences one can discover here! River Town Days is a community festival that features children’s rides and activities, FREE stage entertainment, a marketplace featuring multiple types of vendors, including food vendors. The festival began in 2003 as a way for the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to give back to the community and is held on the second weekend of March. This event is envisioned as an opportunity to bring together Southern talent, folklore, artistry and originality. The River Town Days committee hopes to create an atmosphere of connectivity and culture that will further revitalize the economic climate in our area. By offering this festival, we also hope to respond to one’s need to get in touch with their roots, and honor those that by choice or by birth, find their identity and inspiration in South Georgia. Whether you come out to enjoy our new Artisan and Craftsmen Market, food vendors, FREE Swamp Gravy performance, or all-day live music including a FREE Unckle Kracher concert, there will be something for everyone! Join us March 14th and 15th, 2020!

Visit rivertowndays.com for more information

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