The Beauty of Holiness

James H. Cagle
7200 Hwy. 168 Nashville, Ga. 31639
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The Bible says, “Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” (Ps. 29: 2, 1 Chron. 16: 29; Ps. 96: 9).
There’s something beautiful about holiness. Holiness is the most beautiful thing in the world and in Heaven. It’s beautiful in the way it came from God to man through His Son Jesus Christ.
This beauty comes to a person when they repent of their sins and trust Christ as their Savior. They have then been given beauty for ashes (Is. 61: 3). There would be no holiness in the world had it not been for Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God, and the work of the Holy Spirit.
What’s beautiful about holiness is the way it beautifies the soul and life of those who possess it. Holiness is beautiful because it is a reflection of the life of Christ. And God desires the beauty of His Son Jesus to be seen in all His children.
Our text tells us that we are to worship God in the “beauty of holiness.”
If something is beautiful, it’s desirable and accepted.
To be beautiful before God, and our worship to be accepted by Him, we must clothe ourselves with the holiness and beauty of Jesus Christ (Eph. 5: 26, 27). Jesus’ beauty is perfect because His holiness is perfect.
It is coming before God in worship and standing before Him in the beauty of Christ’ holiness that makes our worship acceptable to Him.
And without Christ holiness our worship is rejected.
The world gives attention to outer beauty which is as a flower that fades away. God gives attention to inner beauty which lasts for eternity.
God sees holiness as the beautiful thing it is, because it came about through a person who died to their own will in order to do His holy will, to honor and glorify Him, and to possess the same beauty and likeness of His Son Jesus Christ.
Holiness: what can it be?
And is Christ’s holiness for me?
Dear blood-washed child of the living God,
This is the way believers must trod;
Sanctified, and set free to be
As Jesus Christ, our Surety.
Holiness: a wonderful thing,
Surrendering all to Jesus my King.
Dying to self, my soul takes its flight
To new heights of glory, beauty, and light.
All is in Christ; my heart is at rest.
Christ is my all;  I’m happy and blest.
Holiness: just what does it mean,
To be virtuous, pure, and clean?
To love this One Whom I’ve never seen;
Walk with Him and His friend be,
And always with Him to agree,
Bending my heart in harmony?
Holiness: God’s will wrought in me,
That others, through me, Christ’ beauty may see.
He takes me first as a piece of clay;
With loving devotion, He molds me each day;
God using the Word, Christ’s image to trace,
A vessel of honor, reflecting His grace.
                                               James H. Cagle

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