SRTC Practical Nursing Students Honored

Row 1. Stephany Guerrero, Laurie Whitaker, Markie Payne, Caitlyn Murphy

Row 2. Brittany Bennett, Corey Stripling, Ashley Bush, Jordan Boone

Row 3. Emily Bolen, Malaysia Johnson, Knamiyah Nether, Hannah Mathis

Row 4. Jose Huerta, Jordan Cromer, Kelsey Rivers, Keyunna Meeks, Sierra Derico

Row 5. Tangelia Parish, Marilyn Dauphin, Shayla Snipes, Thomas Bell

Row 6. Aliese Milline, Windy Bell, Erica Smith

Row 7. Nyiema Stringer, Kendra Denton, Angela Battensby, Olivia Wade

Row 8. Sharkavin Reese, Chantelle Cooper, Addison Elkins, Altamese Canty

Row 9. Briana Wimberly, Shalanda Baker, Angel Musgrove, Shanita Salter

On Wednesday, December 11, Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) held a pinning ceremony honoring the most recent class of Practical Nursing (PN) students from SRTC – Bainbridge and SRTC- Moultrie. The ceremony commemorates the students’ successful completion of their nursing coursework and clinical rotations.

“The Practical Nursing Faculty and I are so proud of these graduating Practical Nursing Students. These students have worked hard and prepared well. They have demonstrated the knowledge, clinical skills and caring attitude that are the qualities of an excellent nurse. We wish each of them much continued success as they continue their nursing journey,” commented Associate Dean for the School of Health Sciences and Practical Nursing Program Chair Claudia Grooms, Ed.D, MSN.

The pinning ceremony is a rite passage into the nursing profession, during which each student received a pin and a small lamp. The pin is used to remind students of their purpose to serve the sick and infirmed. The lamp portion of the ceremony serves as a tribute to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern-day nursing. In the 1800s Nightingale was known as the ‘lady with the lamp’ tending to the sick while carrying a lamp to light the way. At the ceremony, students also recited the Nightingale pledge stating their dedication to upholding the standards of nursing.

The students that received pins were: Shalanda Baker of Bainbridge, Angela Battensby of Bainbridge, Thomas Bell of Moultrie, Windy Bell of Donalsonville, Brittany Bennett of Nashville, Emily Bolen of Ray City, Jordan Boone of Adel, Ashley Bush of Camilla, Altamese Canty of Blakely, Chantelle Cooper of Bainbridge, Jordan Cromer of Thomasville, Marilyn Dauphin of Moultrie, Kendra Denton of Bainbridge, Sierra Derico of Thomasville, Addison Elkins of Bainbridge, Stephany Guerrero of Moultrie, Jose Huerta of Berlin, Malaysia Johnson of Thomasville, Hannah Mathis of Hahira, Keyunna Meeks of Cairo, Aliese Milline of Bainbridge, Caitlyn Murphy of Moultrie, Angel Musgrove of Colquitt, Knamiyah Nether of Tifton, Tangelia Parish of Moultrie, Markie Payne of Ty Ty , Sharkavin Reese of Camilla, Kelsey Rivers of Tifton, Shantia Salter of Blakely, Erica Smith of Attapulgus, Shayla Snipes of Moultrie, Nyiema Stringer of Cairo, Corey Stripling of Moultrie, Olivia Wade of Donalsonville, Laurie Whitaker of Tifton, Briana Wimberly of Camilla.

The Southern Regional Technical College Practical Nursing HESI Exit Exam Award is given to the student who has the highest score on the Exit Exam on each campus. This year’s highest HESI Exit Exam award was presented to Keyunna Meeks of Moultrie, who scored 99.78% and to Windy Bell of Bainbridge, who scored 99.99%.

The Leadership Award is given to the student who presents outstanding leadership qualities not only in the classroom but also in the clinical setting and was presented to Aliese Milline and Shayla Snipes.

The Clinical Excellence Award honors students who have shown exceptional professionalism and technical excellence during their clinical rotations. The Clinical Excellence Award was presented to Altamese Canty and Keyunna Meeks.

The Practical Nursing program is a five semester diploma program designed to prepare students to write the NCLEX-PN for licensure as practical nurses. The program prepares graduates to give competent nursing care. This is done through a selected number of academic and occupational courses providing a variety of techniques and materials necessary to assist the student in acquiring the needed knowledge and skills to give competent care. A variety of clinical experiences is planned so that theory and practice are integrated under the guidance of the clinical instructor. For more information about SRTC’s Practical Nursing Program call 888-205-3449.

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