River City Grill Health Inspection Report



5-2 – consumer advisory provided for raw and undercooked foods

511-6-1-.04(7)(e) – consumer advisory provided for raw/undercooked

Points: 4

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes: Menu review revealed the facility will serve hamburgers and steaks. Discussion with owner revealed these items may be cooked to order and/or served undercooked. Disclosure and reminder for raw under cooked foods not provided on new menus. Owner has option to change menu, place a menu insert with consumer advisory, or place tent table/placards at each table with consumer advisory. Consumer advisory to consumers is to be provided as directed above by 1/6/20, 5:00 PM.

15B – warewashing facilities: installed, maintained, used; test strips

511-6-1.05(6)(j) – mechanical warewashing, wash solution temperature (pf)

Points: 1

Corrected during inspection?: No

Repeat: No

Inspector Notes: During inspections on 12/18 and 12/19/19, observed that mechanical dishwasher has trouble maintaining water temperature of 120 degrees. Owner has contacted dishwasher representative. Representative stated dishwasher appears to be operating properly. Owner is having rep to determine if the new dishwasher needs to be replaced with another unit. Owner may replace chemical sanitizing dishwasher with a hot water/high temp (180 degree) unit. Dishwasher is to be capable of 120 degree final rinse. Current dishwasher is to be repaired or replaced within 10 days. Until dishwasher is repaired or replaced sanitizing must be completed in 3 compartment sink.

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