12 Comments on “What would you like to see here?”

  1. A movie theater, a chukee cheese, a target, a nice family oriented restaurant a wing stop something different Bainbridge needs a mall

    1. A Dave n Busters a place where kids and adults can come have fun without having to travel so far to enjoy yourself.

  2. What about a vintage shop that carried chalk paint and wax to redo furniture. Highlight some painted pieces of furniture, offer classes, build a following with unique finds in accessories for the home. Annie Sloan paints are fabulous .

  3. A restaurant that sells food besides fried chicken. Maybe plant based? Juices, Smoothies and Organic fruits and Vegetables would be nice!

    1. Theater, we need a place for kids and young adults . our youth get into much trouble. We have clothing stores, eateries and plenty for adults, but what do we have for kids besides sports that not all kids want to do. We could have a section for adults and kids. Please consider this.

      1. I totally agree with something both kids and adults could enjoy together. I know we have parks but something that doesn’t lock the doors or completely close up at dusk. Make Bainbridge fun again.

  4. Book store. I’m tired of going allll the way to Dothan to Barnes and nobles to get decent books. The bainbridge library doesn’t carry much of what we teens wanna read so… Would be nice

  5. A small grocery store. A store with healthier food options and classes for how to cook healthily and cheaply. I think it would also promote growth in the community if you could feature local vendors as well.

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