Lights Along the River update

­­­­I wanted to, again, thank our community for their support of our highly successful attraction, LIGHTS ALONG THE RIVER in 2018. I am thrilled to report that our traffic counter, placed on Hatcher Road, registered 21,019. We are very thrilled with this number for year three of the event!

It is great to see so many people visiting our holiday attraction and we are excited about this year’s potential growth. While we will continue to add new displays each year, it is our desire to add more lights as well. To accomplish this, I would like to present you with the opportunity to become a sponsor of LIGHTS ALONG THE RIVER. Funds from sponsorships will allow us to add more lights. It is our vision to have lights hanging from trees, lights in the tree limbs, lights wrapping trees, lights in the arches along the roadway, lights EVERYWHERE!

As a Thank You and a form of recognition, all sponsors will have their individual name/logo placed on a large sign under their paid level of sponsorship and the sign will be located in Cheney Griffin Park.

We would love to have you as a sponsor for the 2019 LIGHTS ALONG THE RIVER. If you would like to participate, complete the form HERE and return to me at

Sponsors allow for growth of this event for the enjoyment of the citizens and visitors of Bainbridge and we appreciate your consideration for being a sponsor of the 2019 LIGHTS ALONG THE RIVER.

We look forward to a magical 2019 holiday season!


Crystal Hines

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