Scott leaves for Army Advanced Individual Training

Pictured left to right: Damian Bouie, Billy Ward, Doyle Welch, Drey-Shon Scott, Nigel Hurst, Jeff Kelly, John Walker, Trent Olhausen

Thursday, January 3rd will be a memorable day for one young Bainbridge man. It’s the day he will head off to Fort Lee in Virginia to begin Advanced Individual Training with the United States Army.

Drey-Shon Scott is happy that his life has turned around. “I was a bad kid. I was in trouble…a lot!” Trouble did seem to follow Drey-Shon, that is, until members of the Bainbridge Public Safety “Kids ‘n Kops” Program stepped in.

Back in 2014, Drey-Shon was a 9th grader at Bainbridge High School, and struggling. It just so happens that during that time, Mentors with the “Kids ‘n Kops” program approached the High School and asked to be paired with students who needed extra attention and a positive role model in their lives. Mr. Billy Ward was paired with Drey-Shon. They didn’t know each other then, but now, over four years later, they can’t imagine their lives without each other.

According to Billy, he first met Drey-Shon when he was in 9th grade. They began spending time together, just doing ordinary things like fishing or having meals together at a restaurant. As time went on, Drey-Shon’s life began to change for the better. He listened to Billy’s advice and his counseling, and trusted his guidance. Billy said, “Drey-Shon knew that when he got into trouble, he could call me. And he did, sometimes in the middle of the night. I would always be there for him.” Over the next few years, they continued to spend time together. Drey-Shon especially enjoyed when they attended BHS Bearcat football games, and rode together on the “Kids ‘n Kops” float in parades.

Last May, Drey-Shon was thrilled to make it to Graduation Day, and Billy was there providing friendship and support! After graduation, Drey-Shon decided to enlist in the army and he headed off for Basic Training. Now with Basic completed, Billy will be driving his young friend to the airport on Thursday afternoon to see him off on his next adventure at Fort Lee.
Before leaving town, Drey-Shon and Billy stopped by Bainbridge Public Safety to say “Thank You” to some of the officers, like “Kids ‘n Kops” Coordinator Sergeant David Cutchin, who play a large part in the success of the program. For more information on partnering with Bainbridge Public Safety and the “Kids ‘n Kops” program, contact Sergeant David Cutchin at 229-248-2038.

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