5 Comments on “MHM honors Dr. Robinson with Retirement Party”

  1. When I moved to Bainbridge over 25 years ago and decided to start my family I know the Lord sent me to Doctor Robinson. He is the best Doctor I have ever meet. He listen to you and cares about you as a person. Bainbridge will be losing a great doctor. Happy Retirement Doctor Robinson.

  2. I have worked with Dr. Robinson now for over 12 years and he also was my OB/GYN preceptor in PA school. He has taught me so much that a text book couldn’t. He’s been a great mentor to me for many years and will miss him dearly!

  3. I’ve been gone from Bainbridge for 23 years now but Dr. Robinson and Dr. Burke together were there to deliver my son (Todd Kelly) April 29th will be 30 years ago. So thankful for them. Hope you enjoy your retirement for many happy years!!! Congratulations ????
    Kathi R. Logue

  4. Dr. Robinson assist Dr.Burke with delivering my son 31 years ago. He was one of the most nicest physician I ever encountered. If I had the opportunity to choose the best doctor I know, it will be Dr.Robinson. I’m so Blessed to have been one of his patients. I pray that he will have a long and healthy life along with a dynamic retirement!!#alovingandcaringdoctor#

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