Debris removal update 1/02/19

January 2, 2019

Continued Hurricane Michael Clean Up Information:

As the US Corp of Engineers contractors move through Bainbridge and Decatur County, please remember a few things:

Their contractors began the second pass inside of the city limits today. They will follow the same route as they did the first pass, focusing on high traffic areas first.Please separate building materials from storm related leaf and limb debris and place piles within 10 feet of roadway. Piles further than 10 feet off of the roadway will not be picked up. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to push piles or remnants of piles within the 10 foot parameter. If possible, cut debris into pieces no longer than 15 feet.

Building debris will also be picked up during this pass but still needs to be separated.

Should you have leaf and limb debris not associated with storm cleanup, please call 248-2014 to request a special pick up. This also applies if sight is impaired by debris.

The City of Bainbridge Public Works crews are out and are servicing commercial districts. They are also assisting the US Corp of Engineers contractors with the removal of debris infringing into intersections and around fire hydrants and water meters.

One Comment on “Debris removal update 1/02/19”

  1. Will they be making another pass thru Hidden Springs?
    My tree people are just now getting my tree debris to the road . They should be through tomorrow or Friday. I hope we aren’t to late.
    my e-mail is reneelkins @

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