4-H Cloverleaf Project Achievement Competition

Front left-right: Zania Abueisheh, Dalton Bowen, Matthew Ryan, Camden Wilemon
Middle left-right: Autumn Wiggins, Jimi Bellflower, Abi Boyett, Brier Martin, Maddox Reynolds, Gerardo Cruz
Back left-right: Madelyn Williams, Ashton Hutto, Kacy Kearns

Southwest District Fall 4-H Cloverleaf Project Achievement was held November 10, 2018 in Colquitt County. Twelve Decatur County 4th grade 4-H students competed with fifteen counties and over 200 students in various project areas.

Students participating in 4-H Project Achievement investigate a topic and prepare a demonstration or “illustrated talk” with posters and props. Scores are based on fluidity, presentation skills, and knowledge of the subject. Decatur County 4-H partnered with EXPLO teacher, Mrs. Carla Dobbs to help 4th grade students develop research, writing and presentation skills.

Competitors representing Decatur County 4-H were Zania Abueisheh who received 1st place in Bicycle. Dalton Bowen and Kacy Kearns earned 2nd and 3rd place honors respectively in the Computer Information and Technology project. In the Marine and Coastal Ecology project, Ashton Hutto received 4th place with Abi Boyett getting the 1st place slot in Geology. Maddox Reynolds placed 1st in the Dog Care and Training division and Gerardo Cruz earned 2nd place in the International project. Madelyn Williams took 1st place honors in the Team Sports category and Brier Martin received 1st place in Outdoor Recreation. Other 1st place holders include Matthew Ryan in Food for Health and Sport and Camden Wilemon in Paleontology. Autumn Wiggins received 2nd place in the Companion Animal project area. Decatur County students that prepared for Project Achievement were Jimi Bellflower, General Recreation, Rylie Williams, Archaeology and Mercy Williams, Wildlife.

Georgia 4-H is preparing the next generation of leaders through 4-H Project Achievement. 4-H Project Achievement helps youth perform better in school related tasks, become self-directed learners and contributing members of society and creates work ready young adults. Through the 4-H Project Achievement process youth explore an area of interest, gain knowledge and skills in the area and prepare presentations and evidence of learning. This process builds not only skills related to the Georgia Standards of Excellence, but those directly related to Work Ready Georgia.

4-H Project Achievement, an annual competition, is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program and serves to showcase the work and success of 4-H members. For more information about Decatur County 4-H activities and events, please call the UGA Decatur County Extension/4-H office at 248-3033.

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