Cancer Care Connect will meet Monday, September 10

Cancer Care Connect will meet on September 10 at Southwest Baptist Church. A meal will be provided beginning at 6PM.

A live performace by Remedy will start at 6:30PM. After Remedy performs everyone will break into small groups.

Our Mission statement is “Finding Comfort in the Storm”. We are a Christian support group formed to help patients, survivors, and caregivers on their cancer journey. Offering emotional, educational, financial and spiritual help!

What we believe about cancer…..

Cancer doesn’t get to swallow your days and your nights. It doesn’t get to put stress in your life or plague you with fear. It doesn’t get to come between you and your loved ones and it doesn’t get to come between you and your God.

Cancer doesn’t get to be more important than the most important things in your life. The most important things in your life are the things you can use to push cancer back so you can breathe again.

We believe that Jesus is the master at pushing back the chaos of cancer for everyone!

We have trained volunteers who will listen and guide families through topics like:

Faith, Questions, Healing, Prayer, Stress reduction, Relationships, Communication and Healthy living.

We are more than a listening ear. We get it. One cancer survivor said, “I have people who love me and care for me. What I need is someone that “gets it”. That’s us!

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