Decatur County School Safety Meeting

Photo left to right: Chief Maurice Gaines, Investigator Anthony Stubbs, Officer Eric Duke, and Officer Marvin Knight

On the morning of Tuesday, July 17th, a Decatur County School Safety Meeting was held at Bainbridge Public Safety Headquarters. In attendance were key representatives from the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department, Bainbridge Public Safety, and Decatur County School Police. The purpose of the meeting was to review safety plans and discuss procedures and protocol for every public elementary, middle, and high school located in Decatur County.

Discussion during the meeting included tactical and communication points for each campus, stakeholder contact information, and the role of emergency responders. Bainbridge Public Safety Deputy Director Frank Green stated, “Members of Law Enforcement in Decatur County take the safety of our students and their family members, as well as teachers, staff, and faculty, very seriously and we are prepared to enter a new school year being proactive with school safety.”

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