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January 1, 2012

A Sad Reflection

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kindness-matters writes

It is such a sad reflection on our town that it takes a man losing his life to get a thief off our streets! What is it with these repeat offenders? Put them in jail and leave them there or show them the county line and put a price on them if they come back into Decatur County!

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December 29, 2011

How Did We Get To This?

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carl writes

The things that I encountered today, after making a few needed purchases, are just unacceptable. I purchased a circular saw blade, with a very popular and trusted name brand, and paid top dollar for it, mostly due to the name brand. As I opened the package, prior to installing the new blade on the saw, I was stunned at the poor quality, and began to read the applied sticker on the new blade. While the sticker stated that any questions about the product, could be directed to the company, which is in the USA, the last line actually angered me, as it stated, “product of China – made in China”.

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December 28, 2011

Investors Beware!

Category: Talk — post @ 11:00 pm

egowan writes

After being employed for 14 yrs. at a business in Bainbridge, Ga. I was laid off with 2 days notice. All my savings and 401K was invested with this company but I was laid off and was refused my money. This company is now in bankruptcy. Be careful trusting someone else to take care of your best interest. This local company has hurt my family and many families in Decatur Co. and surrounding counties. “Your sins will find you out” You know who you are that has hurt many families but yet draws a $240,000 annual salary. Your actions will be held accountable by God.

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December 26, 2011

Gas Prices, still

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BDB writes

I recently saw this on another site. It’s time to do something!!

Gas in dothan $3.05 and $3.08 in donalsonville.
What’s up with the high gas prices in Bainbridge? I’m tired of padding others pockets!
Like about an hour – It’s 2.87 in blairsville ga

It is cheaper in tallahassee than here. It costs the station owner 40 cents a gallon more to sell it there. you do the math. we all should boycott the stations here and drive to dville until they lower the prices.

Its 3.01 in tifton & 2.95 in north GA & TN!
It’s 2.99 at some places in Dothan.
2.98 here in cumming
Its cheaper in Havana too about a minute ago

Well get all your friends to boycott bainbridge gas and I will do the same and maybe we can start a trend. If they don’t sell any gas maybe they will get the picture

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December 22, 2011

Privatizing EMS

Category: Talk — Larry @ 11:00 pm

someone writes

How many people in this county realize that the county is trying to privatize EMS which will cost you more money in the long run. Paying for standbys at football games, subsidizing each month to guarantee them a profit, ect… what u think

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December 20, 2011

A Top 10 List

Category: Talk — Larry @ 11:00 pm

A Top Ten list from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s “Wastebook 2011” report lists 100 of the most egregious spending boondoggles by our federal government

The list includes more than $100,000 on a video game “preservation” center, $120 million in salaries to dead employees and $15.3 million for one of the infamous Bridges to Nowhere — all in a year when the federal deficit rose by nearly $2 trillion.

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December 13, 2011


Category: Talk — post @ 11:00 pm

You mean to tell me that OUR county employees need a WRITTEN policy to stop them from telling LIES, STEALING, and Defrauding the taxpayers? …

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November 29, 2011

Will Obamacare Require Flu Shots?

Category: Talk — Larry @ 9:00 pm

If Obamacare continues to be enacted, the federal government will have full control over health care. (Why get your flu shot)

Do you think they will require all citizens to get flu shots? And how much will they charge us for this required vaccination each year?

It just seems like a logical next step to me. What do you think?

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November 25, 2011

General Comments?

Category: Talk — Larry @ 11:00 pm

Native Son writes

• Melvin Williams, 41, 1080 Slough Loop Road, Bainbridge, theft by receiving stolen property, probation violation — original charge theft by taking, BPS

This and more continued in comments

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November 22, 2011

RE Planning Director

Category: Talk — post @ 11:00 pm

RC writes

The person who wrote the letter about the planning director and his work ethic is to be commended. Only when people who work in public jobs have the freedom to expose such a lack of character will we know the truth. Our county administration, including the commissioners, have a long long history of covering up things that are wrong. This practice has cost the county in lost law-suits, good people choosing not to work for Decatur county, or leaving their jobs.

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November 15, 2011

Sunday Sales and Gambling?

Category: Talk — Larry @ 11:00 pm

Talk about Bainbridge Sunday sales and gambling

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November 14, 2011

Gas Prices

Category: Talk — post @ 3:00 pm

Mad Max wrote

Went to New Orleans, gas was $2.99, can’t remember when it was less than $3.00 here.

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November 8, 2011

Christmas Decorations Already!! Really?!

Category: Talk — post @ 2:35 pm

heather15 writes

Why did the city of Bainbridge put up Christmas decorations on Halloween? Kids were still trick-or-treating and Christmas decorations were already put up! Not only are we rushing the holidays, but the decorations are 20 years old! Don’t y’all think it’s time for some new ones!!?? I mean what happened to Thanksgiving?! Can we take holidays ONE AT A TIME?! 😀

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November 7, 2011

The Firehouse Gallery Arts

Category: Talk — post @ 11:00 pm

hwhite writes

Kudos Firehouse Gang!  I was on the board for a couple of years and I am thrilled to see such incredible talent at the show this year.  Each year it is so refreshing to see the amazing gifted artist’s works  from our county!  Thanks to all of the hard work of board members and members I believe the Council for the Arts has been one of the most successful parts of our community that everyone should be very proud of.

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October 31, 2011

ESPLOST Vote – Really?

Category: Talk — post @ 5:00 am

carl writes

If you have ever heard of a “no win situation”, this is a prime example of just that. Let’s see, do I want to see the local sales tax stay the same, or go down? With the cost of food, utilities, medical, and all other things, that are needed just to survive, constantly increasing, then absolutely I would like to see a reduction in local sales tax to feel at least, a little relief from my tax liability.

But wait, to get this, it will come at a cost that will produce the desired end result, whether this proposal passes or not. Keep the sales tax the same, or we will raise taxes on property owners to make up the difference.

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