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April 4, 2015

An Open Plea

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This is an open plea from a concerned citizen, veteran and father of a young black man to all other young black men.

Stop killing each other!

My main question for our black youth is why do you hate each other so bad? There have been so many that have struggled and died for you to have the rights you have and you shame there memory with your hatred for each other. Instead of uplifting each other and helping each other succeed. You waste your time and energy killing each other over shoes, and women and so-called respect.

You haven’t lived long enough to garner respect. A few hours ago I was reading a story on Facebook about some young men in prison attacking another young man in prison because he so-called disrespected their gang. They stomped and kicked this young man to sleep as they call it and almost killed him because of what. Not because he stole from them or assaulted one of them but because he so-called disrespected their gang.

Now I have another question? Are you guys just blind or stupid? You are wasting your God given talents on a gang? I can’t believe that. You all know that the only thing a gang can do for you is keep you locked up like an animal or in the grave. There is no loyalty in a gang. Nobody loves you in a gang. You are just a body that can be replaced by another person trying to be a gang member.

Wake-up my young black men, Stop killing each other over stupidity. You have greater things to do with your life. Stop letting what other people say about you guide your life. Rise above the bitterness and hatred for each other and become the true leaders that you are. Your children need you, Your women need you, Your parents, believe it or not, need you. You are our future.

Stop killing each other! Stop allowing these chumps that so-call lead these gangs to use you to do what they want, there cowards. I would bet you 100 dollars right now that not one of them would go to war right now to save their own lives. If one of them was sent to Iraq he would cry like a little baby. But tell him one of you so-called disrespected him he would beat you to death just to prove how tough he was.

Wake-up young black men and see these people for what they are Leeches!

Now before you so-called gang-bangers lose your minds and say this old man has lost his mind we got to do something about him. Let me fill you in on a little secret. I am a veteran and I was taught by a legal gang so I would advise you to think twice. It’s not going to be like you think smart guy. My main objective with this plea is to get my young brothers to stop and think before you throw your life away trying to be tough. There’s always out there just a little tougher. Wake-up young black men!!

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