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August 12, 2014

Officals Taking Us For a Ride

Category: Talk — clifford_gordon @ 12:29 pm

Welcome back Larry. Hope your feeling better man. Well it’s been a long time but I’m back. There are so many new topics going on in the world and Bainbridge til I can’t count. The latest is this double taxation of taxpayers in Bainbridge.

It seems our trusted officals have been taking us for a ride again. It’s sad that we can’t trust anybody to look out for our well-being. It seems every time we turn around there’s something else we’ve got to pay taxes for and then we find out that we’ve been over taxed for services we don’t even get.We as the taxpayers of Bainbridge need to wake up and stop being taken on this ride and hold people accountable like they hold us.

Some of these people should be fired. If you and I did some of the things our so-called policians do we would lose our jobs. But we continue to put our trust in these people and they let us down with greed and looking out for there buddies. You no it and I no it but we turn a blind eye to this every day. It’s not a world of what you no it’s who you no. A prime example is taking a look a our roads. It’s mighty strange that certain areas of Bainbridge have better roads than others. It’s because certain areas have do nothing representation by our city and county officals. They sit up there at city hall with there pompous ass and look down on others that elected them and do nothing as long as no-one complains. You no it’s true and they no it’s true. It’s time that this attitude stops and we have the power. The power is in the Vote. Something that many of us are afraid of. It’s time to stop taking things at face value and hold these people accountable. These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head for right now but I will be back.

I no some of you are saying he’s back complaining about everything but if I don’t do it who will. It will be business as usual if I don’t say anything. Some of you might like that but I don’t so be ready. I’m turning the heat up again.

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