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  1. Would like to know about jobs at Taurus in Bainbridge,Ga. Would like to know where to fill out an application please. Thank you for your help.

    1. I would like to apply for a job at Taurus in Bainbridge GA. Where can I get an application at. Please an thank you.

    2. Was so excited for Decatur County. Even be more exciting to work for you. I have lots of Office Mgr. skills, Human Resources, Payroll, AR, AP, running credit c & background checks. Working for big Corp. Business. Especially in the sales & Industrial office side. I have a lot to give this Co. I have no record, very clean! Not even a speeding ticket . Please tell me where to apply. I know a few that already are lucky to work with you. I am a true supporter of our 2nd amendment rights. It would be an absolute pleasure & honor to work with you & help this Company Taurus grow even more . Please contact me at Nawnaw7111@gmail.com 850-363-1946. I live on the Decatur Co. & Fl line. My roots, my family are all in Bainbridge. Be willing to do whatever it takes & work my way up. Have excellent references & recommendations from past Jobs. Which Ive never been fired from a single one! Very honest & dependable. Thank you,
      Sincerely ,
      Wanda Sullivan

  2. I would like to apply for a position with Taurus. I live in thomasville, ga.,but I am on the road 3 weeks at a time.i will not be home for the job fair. Can you tell me how to apply while I am the road

  3. I would like to know where to apply for housekeeping job, I have 12yrs. experience . I also have experience in food service 6yrs. I live 2 miles east from the Bainbridge plant .I’m looking for full time position. I look forward to hearing from you . Cheryl Dicks cheryl.dicks4911@gmail.com

  4. Hi I’m John Waddell . I don’t know how to sale myself in words but I can sale myself in my actions. I currently work with a contractor clearing right of ways for our local electric company. I’m a crew leader have been for a while now. I’m known for geting the job done safely and quickly. I run a tight ship and don’t mind getting my hands dirty.my men respect me as I do them. I believe I can be a great investment to Taurus. I am willing to start At the very bottom .I’ll my actions and safe attitude help me climb the latter and I’m not scared of nights . The reason isaid my safety attitude is because going home to you’re loved ones with every body part you left with you come home with
    I’m John Waddell and I approve this message

    My phone # is 1-706-936- 5851
    Email everettejohn420@gmail.com

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