AEMT students receive pins in Blakely

EMS Professions Program Coordinator, Charles Avery of Colquitt, presented students, (left to right) Tamaja L. Reed of Blakely, Casey A. Taylor of Blakely, Jordan N. Jones of Blakely, Bridgett H. Smith, Stephanie A. Welch of Blakely, Dana M. Smith of Blakely, Makayla R. Mock of Arlington, (back row) David A. Ford of Blakely and Elijah F. White of Blakely.

On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, nine Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) graduates, received their AEMT pins at the ABAC at Blakely campus.

The AEMT pinning ceremony is a rite of passage and symbol for those entering into the EMS profession. A total of 13 AEMT students graduated this year. Most of the graduates were high school students taking the courses through the dual enrollment program.

Lori Haddock, Director of ABAC at Blakely, commended the students on their dedication and hard work.

“To be in high school and able to meet the high school curriculum standards, as well as manage college courses is very impressive,” said Haddock. “These students have worked hard all year and we are very proud of their accomplishments.”

Charles Avery, the EMS Professions Program Coordinator, said in his six years of teaching he has never been prouder of a class as he was of this one.

“I’ve never been more proud of a class because this class showed a great deal of dedication and commitment to EMS professions,” he said.

The EMS Professions program is made up of over 600 hours of classroom and clinical work. While on clinical rotations, some of the students responded to calls where a life was saved.

Avery said, “Our students responded to calls where someone was dead, but by the time the call was over and with the help of our students, the person was alive. Being in an EMS profession is hard work and long hours. We are trained to run toward emergencies while everyone else is running from it. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this program.”

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a State College within the University System of Georgia. ABAC’s mission is to provide excellent education by engaging, teaching, coaching, mentoring, and providing relevant experiences that prepare the graduate for life.

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