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June 19, 2013

A Sorry State …

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Some of these people have a mental illness and some have mental illness with drug dependency. Many mentally ill are homeless and commit crimes. After Southwestern State Hospital is closed the problem may get a lot worse.  The mentally ill are often paranoid and delusional. Jails do not work for these people.  They may be mentally ill but they still have the drive to survive.

It is a sorry State we live in that is going to leave S.W. Georgia with no reprieve for the mentally ill.  These community based care home will only give them doors with no locks.  This way they can wonder around in the community and you do not know who they are.  They will look for a way to survive and or listen to the voices in their head.  Does this sound like a problem to you? I think it is.  I work with these people every day and many are dangerous when off their medication.  So in closing,  ” Coming soon to a neighborhood near you”, the mentally ill will be in the communities you live in.

Nurse Gail
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